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Want to be seen? Live-Stream with SSN! The Southern Sports Network is excited to announce our Livestream will now be broadcasting on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV and Facebook Live, along with our partners at all Grub's Bar & Grille locations throughout NW Arkansas, in HD!
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PLEASE NOTE: SSN Films, on behalf of the Southern Sports Network, is the exclusive holder of all rights, including copyright rights, in and to all SSN footage, regardless of the source of such footage (this includes, but is not limited to, television/internet coverage of games/events, footage shot on sidelines with proper credentials, and SSN Films' coverage). SSN copyrighted footage includes: (1) all footage of SSN game action, including footage of ancillary activities inside the stadium (e.g., cheerleaders, pre-game activities, crowd, sidelines, etc.) until released to public domain by SSN.