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President Donald Trump's new strategy in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. Trump, we are not nation building, we are going to kill terrorist. My question this morning, after 16 years of fighting how many terrorist are left to kill? Could this war have anything to do with the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline. This goes back to the 70's Jimmy Carter and the Mujahidin. BKP is a little sceptical of the whole Afghanistan deal, serious folks Lindsey Graham supports it, think about it Graham supporting Trump! Really.
While some law enforcement is fighting crime the Blue Ridge City Police is apprehending the middle finger bandit.
A Magistrate signs a warrant for Blue Ridge City Police to arrest a man for allegedly giving someone the middle finger. The man had to turn himself in at the Fannin County Jail and bail out. Freedom of speech? Violation of the man's constitutional rights? #FanninCartel #Ozarks #MartyByrd
Blue Ridge, Candidates start qualifying for Mayor and City Council.