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Good Morning from Downtown Blue Ridge, GA with #BKP #AnythingGoes
Are you ready for some football? Gilmer Vs Fannin tonight.
Don't miss my opening Eclipse Monologue!
8:15 AM is "Ask the Doc" with Dr. William Whaley. Are there any natural substances which will help with a thyroid problem?
What's the best treatment for acne scars?
What does the research say about the relationship between food additives and ADHD?
9 AM "The Political All-Star Panel" With Rick, Bruce and BKP.
We are going to be talking about Charlottesville VA, Removing Confederate Statues and Monuments and will the Left ever accept that Donald Trump won the election.. Do you think the President is unfit to serve?
9:45 AM "The Pet of the Week" from the Humane Society of Blue Ridge.